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’49 Chopped Merc Lashes


The Hot Rod Edition 25 MM Mink lashes that will add high impact length to your current lashes! Handmade lashes filled with volume, length and fluffiness. Perfect for dolls who love to a make statement and will have hearts racing.



Let’s discuss how to properly remove your lashes so they can last and continue giving you there best.


When done wearing your lashes for the day, gently remove them by lifting the band of the lash off of the skin at the inner corner of the eye, then using that bit of base to gently remove the remainder of the lash. Never pull on the lashes to remove it can cause shedding always use the band as to no loosen the lashes at the base of the band..


Repeat for the other eye.


Store your lashes in the Ignition Hair storage box that the lashes came in, Never sleep with your lashes on, as it will crush there natural shape and bend the band causing them to not fit properly.




Store your lashes in the storage box they arrived in to keep them clean, dry and protected from getting harmed, crushed and misshapen.


If your lashes have buildup on them, DO NOT GET THEM WET, this will ruin them. To clean off any buildup gently brush your lashes with a clean mascara spooly. You may also carefully remove leftover glue on the band of the lash with tweezers. Please NEVER get your lashes wet.


When properly cared for your Ignition Hair Lashes are reusable around 20-30 times

IGNITION HAIR ADDITION CARE TIP: To increase the longevity and maintain the original style of your Ignition Hair Lashes even further, we recommend you do not apply mascara directly on them. Instead, apply mascara to your natural lashes first, allow it to dry, then apply your Ignition Hair Lashes.

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